Who am I?


My wife, Dana, and I have been very happily married for over thirty two years. We have a beautiful love story that is still being written.We are blessed with two wonderful sons, Christopher and Peyton. We have a small ranch, The Rockin’P, just south of San Antonio. We enjoy the company of our eight horses, 3 goats, 5 dogs, 3 cats, 2 Longhorns,  a VERY FAT pot belly pig and an 80 lb. tortoise! We both love photography and the creative expression it allows us to pursue. We believe photography provides us with the opportunity of seeing our world with open eyes and a heart and mind that find interest in people, animals and nature. We feel strongly that it also is a vehicle for creating and visualizing future realities…(All images on this blog are the property of the blogger and carry a copyright. Please ask permission for their use and I will probably grant all reasonable requests, thanks)



Leicaman....(shooting a Canon!)

Leicaman....(shooting a Canon!)

A family affair...

A family affair...

Just saying...

Just saying...

Christopher & Peyton

Rare moment (we are all together!)

I am a lucky man...

Texas Roadrunner

8 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. que bonita pareja

  2. si, estamos muy felice Y completa con ninos muy guapos y muy intelegente

  3. nice work! nice lenses!

  4. great equipment No wonder your photos are magnificent!

  5. again, those lenses are really nice!

  6. My wife Harriet and I enjoy snappin’ em, too! Those lens are just wonderful, Tom

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