Six Buck Food Truck…

ICE HOUSE – in San Antonio it is a cultural tradition. It might be nothing more than a modest shack selling cheap beer in an outdoor setting with picnic tables. One of San Antonio’s oldest ice houses, The Acapulco Drive Inn, recently closed and reopened with new owners. Located just south of downtown on Alamo Street in the Southtown neighborhood, The Alamo Street Eat Bar captured our attention and curiosity.

Before visiting the ice house we decided a quick detour to Market Square might be fun. We were not disappointed! The holiday weekend filled the square with an eclectic group (tourists?) of people. Music was everywhere and the mood was festive…

Bubble Man!

Dancing machine...

Do you wanna dance?

Leicalady is always looking for inspiration. She has a real knack in finding the perfect subject for her next painting. I am not so sure that she found it here…

Portraits anyone?

Not my style!

After a quick walk thru the shops we were ready for our date with the ice house. On the way out of the market a familiar logo caught my eye…

John Deere...

Mobile food trucks have taken San Antonio by storm! Alamo Street Eat Bar features five of these mobile culinary eateries – The Chili Queens, Chris Cullum’s Attaboy Burgers, Tapa Tapa, The Rolling Pig, and Wheelie Gourmet. Entries from each run around $6-$8. The menus were varied and certainly not overwhelming…

Leicalady and I decided the Rolling Pig would be our truck of choice. The combination of fresh air, inventive food, and low prices makes Alamo Street Eat Bar a fun place to visit. Our only objection was the small portions – we had to eat a salad when we got back to the Rockin’P! But what do you expect from a six buck truck!

~ by leicaman on April 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Six Buck Food Truck…”

  1. I am so happy that you are bloggin’ again! I have missed your wonderful style. Sounds like the weekend was just perfect for you. (You didn’t tell Miss Piggy about the Rolling Pig, did you?)

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun! What a bright & wild place!

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