Jack, Joe and friends…

Cactus Jack and Mesquite Joe. These two steers are something else…Leicalady and I were feeding the Ponies carrots last night when Jack and Joe strolled over to the fence. Now those two Longhorns had just been treated to a bucket of cubes and had no reason to still be hungry – curiously, I broke a carrot in half and carefully put it in front of Jack’s mouth. His long tongue came rolling out of his mouth and wrapped that carrot like it was birthday present and swiftly scarfed it down. Cocking his head, he appeared to say “another one please”. Jack, being the good brother he is, called Joe over so he could also savor this new orange treat. Joe obliged, so I shared a carrot with him. Their innate gentle disposition and intelligence seem to be a calling for Leicalady and I to saddle them up and hit the trails.

Leicalady has the experience...

Leicalady and I would love to clone them and have a big herd of nothing but Jacks and Joes. The horrible Texas drought will not allow that,  so Leicalady’s most recent piece of art will have to do. Notice any similarities?

Jack, Joe and friends...

~ by leicaman on August 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Jack, Joe and friends…”

  1. Great post!!!!!! We could not resist adding Bingo and Tator Tot to our herd if we could!!! They are the ones that made us fall in love with Longhorns!

  2. I think we might need a bigger saddle for these big boys!

  3. Leicalady, you are just fearless aren’t you? I think it is wonderful!

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