The two hour alarm clock…

Kirby the cat...

I know. Why do we put up with it? Simple answer – Kirby was Daddy Bub’s constant companion. Leicalady and I inherited Kirby a few years back. Leicalady and I are very patient when it comes to our animals’  misbehavings and quirks – but Kirby has us really questioning what to do. She must be on some biological clock that only functions at night – every two hours she either wants to eat or get out of the bedroom. (door has to be kept closed) We will gladly accept all recommendations on correcting this behavior! (short of getting rid of the cat…)

~ by leicaman on July 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “The two hour alarm clock…”

  1. None of our animals like closed doors….or gates!!!! They want free roam of the whole place!

  2. Perhaps you could put a pet door in your bedroom door to let the cat move freely.

  3. Put a gate across the door but leave it up enough from the floor so that Kirby can go under the gate – that’s what we did with our cats. Does Kirby have to sleep in the bedroom? Maybe you can put him somewhere else with the door closed. Just sayin’ ….

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