I know I am not a cowboy! But, I now believe that I can call myself at least a cowhand. Yesterday afternoon was an adventure – our two Longhorns and three of our ponies – led by the mischievous Pony Boy escaped into three hundred acres adjoining the Rockin’P. Leicalady and I had not seen them for a day and a half so I went out to find them – all I found was a gate that was supposed to be closed – they were missing! Leicalady and I loaded up the truck with cattle cubes and carrots (bribes do work) and headed out into the wild blue yonder…

We drove as far as we could but the Mesquite soon was thicker than molasses,  so we left the truck and went separate ways calling, no pleading, for Jack, Joe, Pony Boy, Lady and Sunshine. Leicalady was always within shouting distance – ” Tom let’s go back they are not around here.” As I met back up with her I questioned why we wouldn’t continue the search. I should have known she would have the perfect logical answer, “There is no fresh horse poop here!” We drove back in the other direction and headed into our neighbor’s pasture where he has all his cattle. I began to pray – please Lord help us. As we drove toward the watering hole I spotted all five of them – carousing with the neighbors. This was not going to be fun…

Jack and Joe

Pony Boy, Lady and Sunshine

Now what? The pasture we needed to get to was a half mile a way. How in the world would we not end up with all of our neighbor’s herd back at the Rockin’P? Leicalady concentrated on coaxing the ponies while I braved culling the Longhorns from the rest of the herd. I was a LITTLE scared! Anything unusual may start a stampede. I remember reading that cattle that have just been fed are less likely to stampede. I don’t know if it was wishful thinking but they did look like their tummies were full. Jack and Joe were actually pretty good – they started following my directions – the problem was so did the rest of the herd!

Get along little doggie...


Why am I laughing?

We finally made it to the gate! After many bribes and a few swift pats on Jack and Joe’s butt we somehow managed to separate the herd and returned safely to the Rockin’P.

We're back...

I think I earned my chaps. I have to admit that the afternoon was really quite fun…Leicalady and I could always make a living as rustlers! I still do not know how that gate was opened. After thinking about it though, I remembered that on the way home Pony Boy had quite a swagger to his trot – it was though his tail was swaying with guilt…

It wasn't me...

~ by leicaman on July 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Stampede?”

  1. I was ready to give up…..You are like the Pied Piper of Fairview! yes, it was fun, but let’s not do it again anytime soon!!!!


  2. I think you earned your chaps AND spurs! Real Cowhands!!

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