I love the name…

Black-bellied Whistling Duck
. It has a nice ring to it…Leicalady and I simply call them tree ducks. They are non-migratory in south Texas – we see them year round. Known for its high-pitched whistling call, the whistling duck’s long legs and neck are similar to a goose. Males and females are identical in appearance. We almost always see them in pairs. They love to hang out on trees – often times nesting in the dead cavities. To hear their whistle sound click here


On a dead tree stump...


Into the night...

~ by leicaman on July 23, 2011.

3 Responses to “I love the name…”

  1. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! We have wood ducks too – the other morning when I started out on my walk a mommy, daddy, and about 6 little ones were waddling across the street together at the end of our drive! I tried to take a picture with my phone – but not very successful!

  2. Remember when we found 30 orphaned babies!!!!! They were cute, but they all escaped from the barn and found the tank. That was amazing! The photos are great! Glad you shared them, mi amor!

  3. amazing shot

    great job

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