Repeat the pattern…

I have always been visually attracted to patterns, both natural and man-made. I guess it is kind of like repeating notes in a beautiful melody – they capture my imagination. Our world is full of patterns. They are found everywhere – we tend to overlook them due to the demands of our days. If you practice though and are intentional about it, you will be amazed about what you can see and merge into your photography. Most of the patterns I photograph are shot with a telephoto lens – this enhances the pattern and makes the repetition seem to be endless. When you fill your frame with a pattern it can give the impression of size and large numbers. I tend to find patterns by exploring subjects from different angles. One of the keys in emphasizing a pattern is to isolate it from its surrounding – you can create the illusion that the pattern extends beyond the frame…

Multiple patterns...

Birdseye pattern...


Chicago landing...


NO pattern - just a self-portrait

~ by leicaman on July 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Repeat the pattern…”

  1. Wonderful art, mi amor!!!!!!!

  2. Coincidence: a few days ago I took some photographs of the same type of plants as those in your picture captioned “Birdseye pattern.” In our current drought (I’m in Austin), a colony of them had sprung up on damp soil that used to be under the water of a pond. They’re in the genus Sesbania, sometimes called rattlebush. In any case, like you, I was fascinated by the patterns of their compound leaves.

    Steve Schwartzman

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