Are you inspired?

Leicalady will be the first to tell you that the excitement and the magic of her creative process usually begins in her studio. Her studio continues to be a work in progress…originally, it was designed as a video editing suite. It has evolved into her working studio where she is inspired by the wide-open views and the abundance of natural light…

One of the most famous artist’s studios was that of Pablo Picasso. Unlike most artists’ studios, Picasso’s work space was, for him, a lifeline to what was going on around him. It was not uncommon for Friends, Lovers, Artists, Poets,  Writers, Collectors and Art dealers to frequent his studio. They were all elements of his studio life and subjects of some of his most prized paintings. Michael Fitzgerald, the famous Picasso scholar and curator of the 2001 show “Picasso: The Artist’s Studio” said,  “The studio connected him to the world. It was a practical thing in the life of the artist. What happened in the studio rarely escaped the artist’s eye – his studio life often provided the dollop of paint into which he dipped his brush.”

Picasso enjoying his studio

Leicalady’s most recent project…a work in progress…

The Stampede...

Visit more of Leicalady’s artwork here

~ by leicaman on July 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Are you inspired?”

  1. I had a studio once. It became a toy room 😦 There’s always time to get back to that, though! Love Leicalady’s latest art!

  2. These are great…as always!!!!! Glad you are posting again! I miss seeing you blogging and we all do!!!!

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