Seeing is believing…

The inspiration? From Leicalady of course! Her recent paintings have inspired me to ponder and experiment in some non-traditional photography. I have really enjoyed the realistic impression of HDR processing over the last year. However, I have been encouraged to pursue a more “artistic” angle.

My recent images are very abstract. They have to be about color or the lack of it. I have to work from an original photograph that I like. That is sometimes very difficult for the original image often times does not lend itself to the process I am experimenting with. The final image is a synthesis of my personal feelings – it has to create a mood! Simplicity and serenity are usually inherent…

William Morris Hunt, the great American painter of the 19th century said “You cannot suit everybody, so you better suit yourself.” Well said, I like these…      (after and before)

The Dog House...

Hot Dog Stand on Burling St in Chicago

Keep Austin weird

Air conditioner on South Congress Avenue, Austin


Rockport Texas

With My Eyes Closed

Houston Street Fair


~ by leicaman on June 9, 2011.

One Response to “Seeing is believing…”

  1. I LOVE the Morris quote… almost as much as I love the last set of pictures!

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