What happens at 4:30 AM?

I knew it was early Sunday morning but 4:30!! The little Pom Pom, Spooky, started it all…she jumped up on my chest and started licking my face. Sky was next – she jumped on the bed and incessantly nudged me with her nose. Noche, the sweetest, was wagging her tail which was hitting the nightstand, sounding like a drumbeat. The little man, Oakie, was being the perfect gentleman but I could tell even he was ready for the morning light. At least I was saved from Flaca who was sleeping outside. As I turned and saw that it was almost 4:30, I realized I was up for good. I turned to Leicalady and said let’s go to the beach!

Let's hit the road!

The day trip to Rockport is always fun. This would be the first time though to take THREE dogs. After packing our bags and lunch we were quickly off – anticipating the day’s adventures. I am embarrassed to say what a great senior moment I had as we stopped for gas in Floresville…I left my wallet (license,credit cards and $60) on the gas pump ledge. I only realized it after we had driven 45 minutes down the road. Unfortunately, we had to turn around – after worrying whether some honest person found it and turned it in – we made a phone call to the station and were relieved that indeed we had been blessed with some good fortune! It still was a good day despite our 1.5 hour detour!

When we finally arrived our welcoming committee let us know how glad they were to see us…

They're back!

Happy to see you again my friend...

Leicalady and I enjoyed visiting the Rockport Center for the Arts. They were featuring an exhibit of “Women of Western Art.” After touring the show, I came to the ongoing conclusion that Leicalady is just waiting to be discovered…I really believe many of her paintings would easily have taken best of show!

It would hardly be an afternoon at the beach without a cookout. I fired up the grill and we  enjoyed grilled poblano chicken sausage with cheese, grilled jalapeno, western coleslaw and ice-cold watermelon. The dogs were jealous that they were not included in our lunch buffet so Leicalady and I promised them a special treat on the way home.

Lunch is served...

Come and get it!

After saying good bye to our feathered friends we were back on the road for our drive home. The girls reminded us that they were do for a special treat. We obliged and stopped at a Dairy Queen for a shared treat…

Count the noses...

It was a short trip but one that we really enjoyed. We have a hard time not remembering all our buddies…

Come back soon!!

~ by leicaman on June 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “What happens at 4:30 AM?”

  1. a very nice day!!!!

  2. Looks lovely! Glad you are back to blogging!

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