Gone but not forgotton…

I guess it was about fourteen years ago. Leicalady, Christopher, Peyton and I were just beginning to appreciate the joy of country living at the Rockin’P. We decided that we could not have a ranch without a “couple” of goats. So we hooked up the horse trailer and ventured to a local goat farm where we made our purchase. We ended up with probably 5 or 6 goats. They were all loaded except for this one black nanny – we had not picked her, she had picked us! I remember telling Leicalady that she really wanted to join the others, so we took her. We named her Bridgett. Most of the time we simply called her Bridgy or just plain Bridg.

Looking good...

She turned out to be quite the trooper. She survived countless coyote attacks that claimed other goats. She survived getting run over by a novice driver – Christopher. She was a great mother. But most of all she was our favorite! She loved the spring weather…what a forager she was. She was a wanderer of sorts who nibbled her way to greener pastures. Leicalady and I constantly would laugh on how she could escape from practically every fence we made to contain her!

Begging to come inside...

She brought us so many laughs. One Christmas Eve several years ago, we all returned to the house from San Antonio only to find Bridgy and her brigade inside the house! They were having the best time – they had knocked down the Christmas tree, scattered the presents and were eating the tree bare. We couldn’t help but laugh about it. (good thing we have concrete floors)

When Leicalady would visit Chicago, I would of course be responsible for taking care of the animals. It really was no problem. I always thought that by golly, they do not even miss her! Much to my surprise, when Leicalady returned from a week’s visit, the goat brigade (led by Bridgy) followed her on her morning run all the way down our road and back – four miles. Bridgett had really missed her! Bridgett was very sweet and loving. She was so special. When I would arrive home from work, she would always be their waiting for me to give her a snack and rub her head. She would never be classified as a “beauty”, most would probably think of her as homely and boney. We loved her dearly and were heartbroken this morning when she passed to that great “Rainbow Bridge” in the sky.

We will miss her sweet face and gentle spirit...

~ by leicaman on April 11, 2011.

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  1. Such a sweet face!

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