Inspiring city…

My first visit to Chicago was way back in 1977. I was attending my first Photographic Marketing Association trade show. I had just hired Leicalady – she managed the store while I was gone. I have never been so cold in all my life – the wind coming off the Lake was bone chilling! I thought,  I will never come back to Chicago! Fast forward to now. Christopher now calls Chicago home, after moving there seven years ago. Leicalady and I love to visit the windy city. We find it to be a photographer’s paradise – so many opportunities to capture. (And SO very different from south Texas) I found myself this morning reviewing some of my favorites…

Window shopping...

St. Patty's Day river green...

Photography studio?

Tall buildings galore...

Pardon me...


Las luces brillantez!

~ by leicaman on February 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Inspiring city…”

  1. Love the Pardon Me photo…too cool. I have never been to Chicago and this totally inspired me!

  2. You really should put a trip to Chicago on your to do list!. I promise you would not be disappointed…thanks for the visit Tori!

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