She will always have the key to my heart…

Thirty three years ago today, I proposed to Leicalady. The rest is history. Our courtship started when she was an employee of mine. I remember how we first flirted with each other. We would be working on a Saturday at  Photogenesis and she would hide my keys so I could not leave. I loved every minute of it! Our courtship blossomed and we were married nine  months later. We have always admired and collected Leica cameras…thus the nicknames Leicaman and Leicalady.

I recently stumbled upon this old photofinishing envelope from 1978. It was made out to Leicalady just a few weeks before my proposal. The address,  IIIc is a reference to the first Leica we purchased together. The “note enclosed” was probably a little love letter…

Happy Valentine's Day Leicalady!

~ by leicaman on February 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “She will always have the key to my heart…”

  1. SWEEEEET!!!!! Te amo muchisimo, felice dia de santo valentino!

  2. So stinkin’ sweet!

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