Departure from reality…

Reference books?

My photographic endeavors began in the darkroom over forty years ago. I would spend hours upon hours processing and printing. Consequently, I am usually focused on good detail, adequate contrast and proper exposure. I can’t help it! The digital realities of photography today have altered (but only slightly) my criteria. Sometimes I find myself spending way to much time on an image – tweaking an image to get the visual reality. Why? The image should stand on its own. Try and tell that to all the proponents of HDR photography. The technology and software available today are tools – like the ones I used in the darkroom…polycontrast filters, Acufine, Rodinal, metalic paper, etc. I have grown to accept the fact that the computer has replaced my darkroom, but not forever! Someday, my grandchildren will experience the thrill and mystery of the printed image! Leicalady and I are dedicated to that!

Artistic independence commands self-satisfaction. I love trees. They do not represent a departure from depicting the reality of nature. They can produce images that are worthy of study. Borderline abstract? Regardless, I find them to be a challenge and worthy of study…

This was an accident!

On fire?

Clear Day

From the Lab's parking lot...

On the way home...


~ by leicaman on February 5, 2011.

One Response to “Departure from reality…”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the “on fire?” one!

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