Lights out Chicago…

Dana and I have a love affair with birds. We spend hours and hours watching, feeding, identifying, and photographing our winged friends. I believe they are Leicalady’s favorite subject when she picks up her paintbrush. Consequently, I was most interested in an article I recently read on a program in the great windy city of Chicago. (Christopher’s home away from home)

During the migratory season, millions of birds fly thru the city of Chicago; they represent hundreds of species making their way to their winter and summer homes. The lights from Chicago’s tall buildings evidently disrupt their flight path. Confused, the birds continuously circle the buildings. As a result, many of the birds die from exhaustion or after colliding with a building. The Chicago Audubon Society, The City of Chicago, the National Audubon Society and the Building Owners Association have worked together to implement the “Lights Out” program. It encourages the owners of tall buildings in Chicago to turn off or dim their decorative lights.

It is estimated that since 1995, over 150,000 birds have been saved because of the participation of  the tall buildings in the “Loop” area of downtown. In addition, the owners and managers of the buildings have realized many direct benefits, including reduced energy and maintenance costs. This program is very worthy of continued support – it makes me very happy!

~ by leicaman on January 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Lights out Chicago…”

  1. This program is really cool! Saving on utility costs and saving the environment, sounds like a win/ win!

  2. That is really great!!!!!!

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