The night the lights went out…

It was the first weekend since Thanksgiving that one of out two boys were not home. Leicalady and I had just settled in to a relaxing dinner at the empty nest when the lights went out…

Dinner is served...

I quickly retrieved a couple of flashlights and lanterns. Leicalady and I settled into a cozy night of telling ghost stories on the couch!

The ghostly telling room...

I decided to go first. Leicalady put her head down on my lap as I began to tell my Halloween story. Considering that I was telling it on the fly, I believe it was actually very scary! It was a tale of a Halloween night 55 years ago when my big sister dressed me up as Peter Pan. All I remember is that I had green tights on. She was a fairy – perhaps Tinkerbell. Off we went down the streets of Olmos Park ringing door bells and collecting candy. But something was very strange…my sister was holding two bags…one for her candy and the other? Even though I was only four, I could tell that the bag was heavy. She struggled to keep her balance as I tugged on her for assurance in the dark of the night. We traveled down Park Drive, passing the Perez’s, Sullivan’s and Bates’ houses. When we got to Thelma Drive, we had a decision to make – turn left and go down the hill or turn right and head over to the Kuper’s. We went left. The “other bag” was a brown paper grocery bag from Piggly Wiggly. As we trekked down the hill I could tell that something was leaking from that bag! Suddenly, the bag gave way and SOMETHING rolled down the hill creating a bright red trail of BLOOD. Crying, we both ran all the way back to the security of our own house. That is where my story ended. Leicalady and I debated on what it was that rolled down the hill on Thelma Drive…the only thing that we could agree on was that it was somebody’s HEAD. After retreating to bed (the lights still out) we speculated and chuckled on whose head it might be…

EPILOGUE: I guess my story was fairly successful. Leicalady woke up this morning and related a nightmare that she had last night about a crushed head! Just saying…


~ by leicaman on January 15, 2011.

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