Inspiring afternoon?

Leicalady has to be one of the most inspired artist I know. She is so dedicated with her work ethic…it is not enough to be working on one masterpiece –  she currently has no less than five paintings benefiting from her brush strokes! Regardless, we have had on our calendar for months the current exhibition at the Mc Nay Art Museum. The exhibit, Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism, chronicles the evolution of the 19th century French open-air painting up to its influence on early 20th century American artists. Yesterday was the perfect day to attend – overcast and rainy – great day to be inside. I should have realized from the moment we arrived at the McNay that the afternoon was going to be humorous…I was greeted by the receptionist whose first question was “seniors”? I imagine I could have lied and said yes, probably saving a few dollars. However, we are not that old! (yet) I guess it made me feel better by responding with an emphatic no! We thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit…the early French Barbizon painters captured brilliant lighting effects in their informal compositions of various scenes of nature. We were treated to the likes of Monet, Pissarro and other French Impressionists. The highlight of the afternoon had to be seeing Carl Rice Embrey’s painting of rural Texas.  What a contrast to the other impressionist – his work really had the “Wyeth” look. It was magnificent!

After meeting Christopher for lunch, we headed back to the Rockin’P. I was convinced that I had treated Leicalady to an inspiring afternoon. She would return to her artwork refreshed with a renewed spirit of creativity and resolve. I was not to be disappointed, in fact she could hardly wait to get back to her studio. She whipped out this portrait of me on the way home…

El Senor ???

Needless to say, I almost had a wreck when I saw this. I could not stop her from laughing. It was contagious – we laughed all the way home. Oh well, I am going to be sixty next week. I guess that qualifies me for the title, El Senor. The receptionist at the Mc Nay was right…

~ by leicaman on January 5, 2011.

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