Four plus one = five.

I know basic math. Leicalady and I have a weak heart when it comes to animals…we cannot tolerate mistreated, under fed or neglected animals. One might think that because of where the Rockin’P is located (in the boondocks) that we would be constantly subjected to the “dumping” of unwanted animals. Not really the case. However, ten days ago Leicalady noticed a stray dog hanging around the barnyard. Our four dogs would bark at her and scare her off back into the woods every time they were let outside. Eventually, this stray grew accustomed to the barking and began to acknowledge Leicalady’s presence with a gentle wag of her tail. This stray was skin and bones. Initially, I thought another mouth to feed? NO WAY! But there was this gentle, persistent tug on my heart when she started coming closer to the house. We named her Flaca. (Spanish for skinny) We have fattened her up in just a week and she does now get a long with all the other dogs. We are doing our best to find her a new home, but I am not so sure I am ready to give her up…

Hi! My name is Flaca...

In recent years, “hoarding” has received a lot of publicity. Normally a hoarder collects inanimate objects and becomes addicted to the clutter. Is there such a thing as animal hoarding????? I maybe mistaken, but I always thought that hoarding was more like the acquisition of and failure to discard large numbers of mostly useless possessions. There is no way that I would define any of our animals as useless…they all have that special purpose in life…keeping Leicalady and Leicaman on the farm and out of trouble!


Home sweet home...


~ by leicaman on January 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Four plus one = five.”

  1. Aww, What a sweet face! I think it’s great you guys have such open and welcoming hearts towards animals! What a difference you’ve made in Flaca’s life!

  2. […] actually have a new sister. If you wanna read about her click here. Her name is Flaca. (Spanish for skinny) She has been hanging around on the porch during this rainy […]

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