OPA! Sounds Greek to me…

The 50th annual Greek FUNstival was held this weekend at the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in San Antonio. Leicalady and I have been the last two years and loved it so much that we decided to take GrandMoye Sunday afternoon. The festival is a collection of activities; including gourmet Greek cuisine(Souvlaki-grilled shish kabob, Pastichio – baked macaroni layered with seasoned beef and cheese, Fasolakia – Greek-style green beans and of course Salata – Greek Salad) The Plaka (town square) is transformed into a Greek market. The native Greek dancing is our favorite! Greek ethnic dancing is performed by the youth of the church. They are adorned in festive Greek costumes. The dancing is a cherished tradition that brings people together and reflects the customs and folklore of the different regions and islands of Greece.


GrandMoye ready to go!



Really a beautiful church...



Let the party begin...



The decor was great...



GrandMoye shopping away...



"OPA!" the Greek dancers...



These guys were great!



The costumes were beautiful and very authentic...



Leicalady cutting a rug...



GrandMoye enjoying every minute...



We all had a precious afternoon!



~ by leicaman on October 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “OPA! Sounds Greek to me…”

  1. Sir, If I might ask where did you get that hat? Are you Greek? The shape is very nice and poofy! You could use it to scoop up some fish!

  2. That is because she is poofy and out of shape!!!!!

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