Marche aux puces…

I actually did take a French class many years ago in junior high school…Marche aux puces translates into “flea market”. Leicalady and I have always loved rummaging through flea markets, antique stores and even junk shops. Even before we were married, we fell in love with a very special junk shop in Hereford Texas, “Dick’s Trading Post”. We have always shared the love of weird, cavernous places that specialize with loads of random old bits and bobs piled high to the ceiling. You never know what you might find. Curios galore…decorated teacups, vases, tons of glassware, really junky furniture, bric-à-brac, dinner ware, etc. We stumbled upon a really junky junk shop, Rudy’s Treasures, and immediately fell in love…

Trash or treasures?

Leicalady is so creative! Along with her many other talents, she has recently starting making jewelry. Our goal today was to find some costume jewelry, beads, chains etc. that she could blend into her own creations. We were not disappointed…

Look what I found!

The owner of the shop, Pete, could not have been in nicer. He started pulling out boxes and boxes of “estate” jewelry, some of which were worth “thousands” of dollars. While Leicalady studied the ensemble of jewelry options, I explored the isles of collections of trash and treasures…

Hardly room to move...


Remember when a Coke was 6 cents?

Sugar free?

While I roamed the rows of junk, Dana negotiated quite a menagerie of jewelry for a bargain price! When we returned to the Rockin’P, Leicalady quickly got to work. She began to take apart the pieces and assemble them into her own masterpiece…

What a fun day!


~ by leicaman on September 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Marche aux puces…”

  1. That was great fun!!!!!

  2. I’ve missed your blogs! You and Dana found a wonderful haunt, didn’t you!!

  3. pretty bracelet dana!

  4. Yeah, like you can remember junior high.

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