Talk about an empty nest…

Peyton at Ohio University orientation...

Everyone told me that it would go quickly but I never believed it! But the years that dawdled through toddlerhood picked up speed and wow, suddenly,  the house is empty. I know that becoming an empty nester is truly a rite of passage for all parents but it remains a difficult transition for parents to come to terms with and eventually accept. I imagine that Leicalady and I should accept the fact that Christopher and Peyton have finally grown, left the nest and are now well on their way to becoming productive members of society. We are so very proud of both our boys! I guess the biggest challenge that Leicalady and I will have is deciding what to do with all our free time! It will be fun…art classes, bead shows, more photography, weekend excursions, etc. (LOTS of etc)…


~ by leicaman on August 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Talk about an empty nest…”

  1. Great post. can’t wait to see you and all the little chickadees

  2. Love this picture of Peyton! You and Dana are going to be OK – new phase of your life coming! Each phase is wonderful!

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