Bombay,Liberty and Tuna (great places)

Way back in 1977, I asked Leicalady if she would like to go out and have a beer. It would be our first date…she said no – but she would like a glass of wine. The hot spot at the time was The Bombay Bicycle Club on North St. Mary’s. Well last night, Leicalady and I returned to that spot for the first time since that memorable evening 33 years ago. We both reminisced and were really surprised how somethings never change! We knew it would be a fun evening when the first drinks were compliments of our good friend Kevin!

I know I look the same!

We enjoyed the visit and were convinced by Kevin that the new location of Liberty Bar in the King William District should be our destination for dinner. The Liberty Bar is a San Antonio institution. Formerly on Josephine Street, they have just remodeled an old convent on South St. Mary’s. We decided to have something on the lite side – so Leicalady and I each had a salad which was absolutely perfect! The evening was still pretty young so we decided to frequent the best “Ice House” in San Antonio, La Tuna. Located just a few minutes from the Liberty Bar and actually on our way home…Open air, picnic tables, large trees, a carpet of bottle caps, eclectic mix of people.  You can find a colorful array of folks, from artists, professionals, bikers, tree huggers, rockers, nerds–pick a noun.  The point is that everyone is chill with one another. This is the ultimate San Antonio meeting spot. We listened to the live music and people watched. It was really a beautiful evening…

This needs no CAPtion...

After saying goodnight to La Tuna, we returned safely to the Rockin’P where we were greeted by our constant reminders of the country life. Our four dogs, little Miss Piggy, Pony Boy, Franci and Kirby the cat were all patiently waiting for our arrival…


~ by leicaman on July 25, 2010.

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