Ninety years young…

If your birthday happens to fall on July 9, then you share your special day with some very impressive people. Minor White, the great American photographer was born in 1908. By coincidence, another wonderful photographer, Joel Spring, was also born on July 9th! Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) was born in 1956 and the infamous OJ Simpson was born in 1947. They have all made a name for themselves one way or another. Last but certainly NOT least,  GrandMoye celebrated her ninetieth birthday Friday night with a party in her honor. Sons, daughters, nieces, grandchildren, great- grandchildren and friends were all there…

The Birthday Girl, Leicaman, Moye and Priscilla

GrandMoye had a wonderful time. I do believe her Birthday cards were the highlight of the evening…everyone had a special meaning…

Pugs, Pugs and more Pugs...

Special friend...

I wish I could remember how many great-grandchildren there are. (Heck I cannot even remember how many grandchildren there are!) Anyway, GrandMoye and Daddy Bub really did start quite a clan…


We all celebrated the ninety years of wonderful living that GrandMoye has enjoyed…the memories are many…we should all be so lucky…thanks Mom for all the love and happiness  that you have shared with us all… beautiful you are!


~ by leicaman on July 11, 2010.

One Response to “Ninety years young…”

  1. That was really a fun night – Mom was in her element! I can’t wait to see all your photos! Love the one of you, Mom, PP and me – could you send it to me? I love you! – M

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