Quick hits…

Just a few quick hits on what has been happening…much excitement since Peyton’s graduation…it is not very often that one gets 12 inches of rain in a four-hour period…such was the case last week…the result, our neighbor’s 9 acre lake toppled its dam and unleashed a torrent of water…the Rockin’P was land-locked for two days!

Rockin'P Falls...

Damn dam...

The newly formed Rockin'P River...

Leicalady has a great post about what happened…click here. Grandmother had a graduation party for Peyton – his cousins, Uncle BV,  and Uncle Tracy and Aunt Sharon all congratulated him on his accomplishments. Tracy and I debated whether our matching shorts were 26″ or 28″ in the waist…

I cannot believe Tracy shops at the Tackle Box!

Ever since the major rain event, I have struggled to keep up with the grass. It seems like every spare minute the last two weekends I have worked on something related to the rainfall…whether it is patching & grading the road, mowing or dealing with downed trees – I have been busy! Please understand, I am really not complaining – actually, I am apologizing for the lack of communication – even though I have only a few followers, I do enjoy posting and keeping my friends abreast of all the happenings at the Rockin’P…

These are EVERYWHERE...wild mushrooms (not suitable for smoking)..this one is almost ten inches in diameter...

I am not sure how many animals were displaced by the flood last week…I will say this, we do have a new really big SKUNK hanging out with the Cactus Jack and Mesquite Joe in the front pasture…fortunately, Sky has not seen him. I am sure many of the small creatures sought higher ground (please, no snakes). On my way home, I noticed this little family seeking refuge…Miss Piggy said they were welcome for as long as they wanted…

Which way to the Rockin'P ?


~ by leicaman on June 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Quick hits…”

  1. Happy Father’s day from all the critters who call you Daddy!!!!!

  2. Happy Fathers Day! Love you.

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