Friday night lights…

Oh what a night! We were ALL very excited about Peyton’s graduation, we knew it would be a night of many emotions – and it was. Leicalady and I have known for quite a while that Peyton was a very special student, even in Kindergarten¬† teachers told us that Peyton would be exceptional. In grade school he was elected President of the student body even though he was only in the third grade! Junior high brought many accolades from teachers encouraging us to let Peyton skip a grade – we declined. High school achievements are too many to list. Through all of this Peyton has maintained a level head and a keen sense of purpose. His intellect, honesty, work ethic and sincere friendship will certainly give him the building blocks of success at Ohio University next fall…

The stage was set...

Getting excited...

Priscilla and Michael joined us...

Honor graduate...

Congratulations Peyton!

We made it!

The theme of the evening seemed to be one of the “promise of the future”. Leicalady and I are confident that Peyton will take advantage of every opportunity presented during his college years. It will be an adjustment for us all! Peyton will shine…we have always known that Peyton has chosen character over reputation. Character really defines who you are and reputation is only what people believe about you – and what a character he is. As the evening came to a close Peyton was reminded never to forget the past and the many friends who have supported him thru the years. His childhood best friend, Brandon, surprised him with his prescence…they had not seen each other in 6 or 7 years…

Peyton and Brandon

And so we are very proud of you…for being who you are…for making something of yourself…for making it this far. We are proud because we are a part of everything you do… the time’s the time to say how much love we have for you! Congratulations Peytie…

~ by leicaman on June 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Friday night lights…”

  1. It was a beautiful night!

  2. Sorry I missed it but I’m very happy to see yhr great pictures!!!!

  3. Sniff sniff! What a beautiful tribute on Peyton’s special evening! We wished we could have been there – but please know you were in our thoughts all night! Congratulations Peyton!

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