Are you bored?

Way back in 1852, Charles Dickens first used the term boredom in his novel Bleak House. Psychologically, boredom has many definitions. Generally it is an emotional state when individuals are uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them. If you are bored then you perceive your environment as dull, tedious, and lacking in stimulation. A common characteristic of boredom is the act of repetition. I am very rarely bored! Yesterday at work, I was preparing to remove a photograph from its frame so we could do a high resolution scan of the image.  The butcher paper on the back of the frame indicated it was framed at Glasser’s Frame Shop in 1938. Now usually after removing the butcher paper, I find that the photograph is held in place with perhaps 7 or 8 nails strategically placed along the perimeter of the frame. Oh my gosh was I shocked when I removed the butcher paper from this frame and found in excess of three hundred nails holding this photograph in place! This guy was way bored and must have really hated his job…

Boredom at its best...


Whatever toots your whistle...


~ by leicaman on May 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Are you bored?”

  1. I’d say you really “nailed” this guy when you called him “bored”!!

  2. I think he must have been trying to give up cigarettes!

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