You are my inspiration…

I should be so lucky to think for a moment that I might have anything to do with the inspiration in Leicalady’s artwork. However, maybe – just maybe – last Saturday was different. I have promised to take Leicalady into San Antonio to visit several fine art galleries. She said she was really in the need for some inspiration. So off we went into the big city Saturday afternoon. The first gallery was hands down the best. There was a particular artist that we both were very impressed with, Yihua Wang. (for a sample of his work click here) At $52,000 for a painting he should be awesome! We continued our trek and visited two more galleries that left us both longing for more inspiration. After an easy lunch, I decided to challenge Leicalady and suggest  we create our own inspiring event. We quickly headed home, gathered a few essentials and headed out to find our inspiration…little did we know it was within miles of our home all the time…

En plein air...

Talk about inspiring! When we arrived at our spot, Leicalady discovered she had forgotten her brushes…I dashed home, retrieved them and quickly discovered Leicalady working hard…she could not wait for her brushes, she was too INSPIRED!

Who needs a brush!

The afternoon was finally perfect. I could not help but think about an old Chicago song from the seventies, “You are my inspiration” :

You’re the meaning in my life

You’re the inspiration

You bring feeling to my life

You’re the inspiration

Wanna have you near me

I wanna have you hear me sayin’

No one needs you more than I need you.

What a beautiful picture...

Work in progress...

Mission accomplished…

~ by leicaman on April 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “You are my inspiration…”

  1. I can’t paint without you, I can’t smile without you..

  2. […] claimed to be an artist. I will say however, that from time to time I do inspire Leicalady and her artistic endeavors. Over the last several days we have experimented with a new technique that we find very cool. We […]

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