1973 revisited…

Roy, Rodney and Leicaman

I recently stumbled upon a few rolls of B/W film that I shot way back when I was a senior at SMU in the Spring of 1973. Daddy Bub had just given me my first SLR for Christmas. I was thrilled to have my own camera. I shared an apartment with two very good friends, Roy and Rodney. These images brought back many great memories…

Leicaman working on a term paper...

My 8-Track music collection - including Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers, Richie Havens, Rod Stewart, Yes, Graham Nash and of course the Moody Blues...

Roy - contemplating the nature of the universe...

Rodney studying hard...

Dallas Zoo...

Spring Break '73 - Mazatlan Mexico


Self-portrait, Mazatlan...

~ by leicaman on April 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “1973 revisited…”

  1. such awesome photos…..yu got talrnt!

  2. hey! I need that bike from Castroville to convert into a buen taquitomobile!!!!

  3. […] For more of my Dad’s memories from 1973 put your paws here… […]

  4. THESE ARE GREAT!! What ever happened to Zonka and the other dog – I never knew you had them! They were cute dogs ….

  5. these are great dude!

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