Eighty two years ago…

Advertisement in the 1928 American Annual of Photography

I stumbled upon this old ad for Leica cameras as I was organizing some old photography books to add to our collection. I love the line, “The Leica camera is the camera of the future.” In 1928, the Leica had already been through quite an evolution.

Ocar Barnack built the first prototypes in 1913 in Wetzlar Germany. It  was originally designed as a compact camera. The Leica was the first practical 35mm camera, using standard 35mm film. The camera went through many design changes, and in 1923 Barnack convinced his boss, Ernst Leitz II, to do an initial production run of 31 prototype cameras. In 1925, the Leica was introduced to the consumer at the Leipzig Fair. Named the Leica I, it was an immediate success…the rest is history…


~ by leicaman on February 11, 2010.

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