Remembering Buda…

She was always a beautiful subject...

It made no difference. Whether I was leaving or coming home I always seem to catch her in my eye. She had a truly magnificent flair to her gait. When the grass was tall she flowed with it in the wind. She had such a sweet expression. She was sleek and radiant. As I drove her to her final resting place yesterday, I remembered the poem called “Rainbow Bridge” Click Here to read it. When you lose a four-legged friend you will understand…just saying.


~ by leicaman on February 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “Remembering Buda…”

  1. Thanks for all your love & support and ETC !!!

  2. I’m sad for you ……

  3. we love you buda!

  4. No words can express…

  5. The pasture is empty. We miss our girl

  6. […] lost two of the herd in the last few months, it was real SAD. (To read about it put your paws here and here.) Pony Boy, he is the BOSS of everybody Mini Mac, low man on the totem pole Lady,Pony […]

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