Pony rides, ghost stories, campfires and smores…

So what else are little girls made of ? Leicalady and I hosted Anna and Avery for a Saturday night sleep over. I am not sure who had more fun…the little girls or Dana and me. I wanted to have some ghost stories to play Saturday night by the campfire so I searched  iTunes and found what I thought was a great (age appropriate) audio book of ghost stories. Included were the stories “Rain Thing” and “The Ticket Taker”. Dana insisted on previewing them before.   After listening to the first few lines of “Rain Thing” she vetoed the ghost story idea saying that they are just little girls and those stories were way to scary! We really did have a good time. They rode Pony Boy, had a cookout by the campfire, searched for bones in the back pasture (found a skull) and made smores.

Pony Boy, Avery and Anna

Fun times...

Sunday morning after fixin’ pancakes, scrambled eggs and chocolate milk I asked the little girls if they liked ghost stories. They both said YES!!!! So I looked over to Dana and she reluctantly nodded her head in approval. Well not only did they listen to the entire audio book but we had to play it over at least three times. (I sent the CD home with them) Its funny how my instincts work. I know about raisin’ boys but Leicalady and I never had any daughters…just saying.

~ by leicaman on February 1, 2010.

One Response to “Pony rides, ghost stories, campfires and smores…”

  1. I know this was a fun time for all of you! Anna looks simply beautiful in these photos! (hard to see Avery)

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