Road trip…

Hardly seems right to call a trip to the city a road trip but that is exactly what Leicalady and I had in mind this morning after dropping Peyton at school…we found ourselves deep in the heart of the Alamo City. We were hoping to spot some of our feathered friends at Brackenridge Park…

This little guy was playing London Bridge

28 degrees is NOT that cold!

We were amused to see this pair of Cormorants, they were not interested in anybody but themselves…

They seem passive enough...

Get away!

Beat it!

Fly away!

Cormorants have always been known for their astute fishing skills…they actually were trained by ancient fishermen in Japan, China and Macedonia. A snare was tied near the base of the bird’s throat, which allowed the bird only to swallow small fish. When the bird captured and tried to swallow a large fish, the fish would be caught  in the bird’s throat. When the bird returned to the fisherman’s raft, the fisherman helped the bird to remove the fish from its throat. The method is not as common today, since more efficient methods of catching fish have been developed. I am not sure I would try removing a fish from these guys throats…just saying…

We also saw some common Egrets. They were  doing something special with their feathers. It was really beautiful…

Our little adventure soon ended as we headed back to the Rockin’P to make sure all our critters were not frozen…

~ by leicaman on January 8, 2010.

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