I believe in Santa Claus…do you?

I really do believe...

When I was just a little pup pup my mom & dad would tell me the story about this reindeer with a glowing nose. He would lead his band of reindeers thru the clouds with old St. Nick in tow…if I was a good little dog he would leave bones and treats at our dog house! I was confused…I thought the reindeers should be dogs…anyway, old St. Nick always found our doghouse and left me special treats. I am afraid things have changed! I am now growed up and have been rescued to the Rockin’P. I still do believe he will find us but I am not convinced I have been that good. Sometimes I chase the horses, pick on my sisters and of course get on the couch. Is believing enough? I guess I will find out tonite…I hope you have been good!

~ by leicaman on December 24, 2009.

One Response to “I believe in Santa Claus…do you?”

  1. great photos! Do you ever see any hawks out your way?

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