My daily greeter…

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I began to notice a beautiful Red Shouldered Hawk hanging around the front entrance to La Paloma. Even from a distance I thought he was magnificent…

He kept his distance at first...

EVERY afternoon on my way home I would see my new feathered friend. He casually became adjusted to me and my camera…

Hello Mr. Parish!

Where you been?

It has been really nasty weather the last two days…cold and wet. This morning it was drizzling. When I returned from the store there he was, doing his best to dry his beautiful wings. I got out of my truck and watched him for no less than ten minutes. He was showing off!

Gotta get dry!

Am I good lookin' or what?

See you later...

~ by leicaman on December 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “My daily greeter…”

  1. I love watching raptors. Wish I still lived where I could photograph them more readily.
    These are some great photos.

  2. very cool!

  3. […] Leicalady and I are pretty convinced that “my daily greeter” (see link here) is a mature Red Shouldered Hawk. We have named him Red Fred…he is a large, long-winged hawk […]

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