Confessions of a dogaholic…

I confess! Leicalady and I are obsessed with dogs…yes, we still love all of our nine horses, 4 goats, 4 cats, tortoise and of course Miss Piggy! Our love affair with dogs goes back over thirty years and is still being written. Christmas 1978 I gave Leicalady our first dog, Omar. (for you Leica fans, Omar’s name came from combining Leica’s founding father,  Oscar Barnack and his famous lens, Elmar – the O in Omar from Oscar’s first name and mar from Elmar) He was precious, in fact we went back to the breeder and got his litter mate and named him Tripod. Others that followed included Weston, Tiffen, T-Max, Rocky, Diogee, Kody,  Sunny, Muffy, Andy and probably a couple of others that I have forgotten. Today we have four – Sky Baby, Noche, Spooky and Oakie. Leicalady and are are so thankful for our concrete floors! I am not sure we could live without our daily “drinks” of dogs…

Sky keeping watch...

Noche and Spooky getting ready for their nap...

I am not sleepy!

Good night...


~ by leicaman on November 28, 2009.

One Response to “Confessions of a dogaholic…”

  1. […] and Dad really do love all their animals! If you don’t believe me, put your paws here. I was really taken back with all the animals but I do think I have adjusted. My daily routine […]

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