One on one…

Well it was GREAT needless to say to welcome Christopher home for an extended stay. After taking Peyton to school and running together for a few miles we decided we had to play a little B/Ball. I am sure it has been at least ten years since I shot a basketball. I must share the fact that in 1967, I actually played on the Texas sate 3A basketball championship team as a sophomore! (Christopher is sick of hearing about it) So we hit the courts and the proof is in the pudding…


Quick move to the key...


A smooth head fake...


Almost a nice block...


Flashback to 1967...


What can I say? Nothing but the net...just saying!

SPECIAL thanks to Leicalady for the great photography! Some say that photography is nothing more than a capture of a moment in time…I say it is a capture of memory I will cherish forever…


~ by leicaman on November 7, 2009.

One Response to “One on one…”

  1. Loved this! And I didn’t know about your championship team in 1967 – guess I was too busy being “college” that year to think about my sweet little brother! How awesome for you!

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