Saturday morning walk…

I love the weekends! Every Saturday morninig Leicalady and I will always take Sky and Spooky for a walk down our country road. This morning was a little different because I took Sky on a four mile run by herself. When I returned, Dana and I felt sorry for little Spooky so we set out on a walk with her…


Come on!!!!

She thinks she is such a big dog. She constantly is looking and digging for who knows what…


I think I found a gopher!


Got to dig deeper...


And deeper...


Crap! Nothing there...


Such a silly little girl...


I think I have a sticker...


Thank you Mom...

As we continued our walk  we could not help but notice all the beautiful Monarch butterflys…




Some were prettier than others...

We turned around after about a mile. We NEVER know what to expect. Leicalady screamed out SNAKE!!! I almost pissed in my pants…




Hog-nosed snake...harmless?

What a relief to see all the sweet cows!IMG_9772

~ by leicaman on October 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Saturday morning walk…”

  1. FINALLY! A new blog – I always love your pictures and stories! So cute of Oakie – love the digging – but not the snake! Yikes!

  2. You may know your cameras Leicaman, but I think that was a hog nosed snake. I once had the piss scared out of me by one.

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