Dawns early light…

It was an early morning rise as we had to have the car decorated by 8:30 AM! It was chilly but the top had to be down on the BMW. Peyton and Jordan were representing Sacred Heart Parochial School where Peyton attended thru the sixth grade. School colors are red and white…IMG_8860Peyton and Jordan…IMG_8856Proud Mama…IMG_8866Peyton and one of his best friends, Chris who volunteered to drive…IMG_8880The judges were very impressed with our effort…IMG_8887Dana and I said good-bye to the Duke and Duchess and began our trek back to our viewing spot several blocks away. We enjoyed seeing all the floats and entries as we made our way back…IMG_9093These guys were one of our favorites…IMG_8875The streets were very crowded! Everybody anticipating the start of the parade…IMG_2697

~ by leicaman on October 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dawns early light…”

  1. These pictures really show the spirit of the day! (I would like to have the one of P by the BMW by himself for Mom’s calendar) I will have to go next year – looks like a very fun morning!! (Neat picture of Christopher!)

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