Oakie doakie Oakie!

Every evening when I get home all four dogs, Sky, Spooky, Noche and Oakie, are waiting in the yard to greet me and welcome me home. Last night was different. They were all inside and not until I was almost to the gate did they come running outside. Leicalady was telling them all, “Show Daddy our new pet! Show Daddy our net pet!” You cannot imagine how frightning those words can be at the Rockin’P…much to my surprise all four dogs led me to the side of the house where there was a small “Texas turtle” who was obviously overwhelmed by the commotion. After a few minutes of excitement we all went inside except for Oakie, our little black Pomeranian. (Daddy Bub’s dog)We proceeded to work on dinner when I looked outside and saw the herding characteristic that Oakie has shown in the past. Our little man was guiding the turtle up and down the fence line…

Look at me Dad!

Look at me Dad!

Move on little doggie!

Move on little doggie!

Not so fast!

Not so fast!

This way please!

This way please!

Needless to say I was relieved that the new addition to the Rockin”P has a very small appetite…just saying…


~ by leicaman on September 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “Oakie doakie Oakie!”

  1. poor turtle =(

    • He really is quite safe and unharmed. If you knew how we care for all our animals you would not be concerned…thanks for visiting the blog, come back often.

    • Yeah, he would have been much happier as roadkill being eaten by the buzzards!!!!!

  2. Lucky tortoise to have a watchdog to take care of him! Sweet little Oakie!!!!

  3. Love those pictures! So, will the little Texas turtle go live with Fast Eddie?

  4. Oakie was very gentle and took good care of Mini Eddie, but Fast Eddie does not play well with others!!!!!

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