Fly away, fly away

Early this morning Leicalady was getting ready for the farrier’s visit. So I took off for a walk alone, except for my camera and 300 mm lens. It was actually very peaceful. The air was very still and the sounds of nature were the only things I could hear. I took some random photographs of neighborhood cows, horses and trees – nothing very exciting. As I turned around to head back home I heard this swishing sound above and behind me. I looked back and could not believe my eyes. I immediately brought the camera to my eye and starting shooting. Fortunately, I had programmed the camera this morning with a faster ASA and shutter speed that would accommodate the 300 mm lens. They were huge – wing span of at least six feet. I am currently researching the identity of this winged beauties…IMG_8558I had the camera set on 5 fps advance so I burned thru about 25 shots in just a few seconds.  It was so much fun watching these beauties in the viewfinder. I never once took my eye from the camera. Daddy Bub use to remind me that if  one was ever to become a really good photographer then the camera must really become an extension of ones eye and mind. Seeing is believing. All of a sudden the camera died. How could this happen? I was pissed. Checking the camera functions I soon realized in all my early morning preparedness I failed to check the battery level. Oh well, at least I had these memories…IMG_8565


~ by leicaman on September 7, 2009.

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