Meet Mr. K.O. Dak…


I  was first introduced to the legacy of Mr. K.O. Dak by my sweet Uncle Leon on September 22, 1978. Mr. Dak was a very distinguished looking gentleman who was born on July 12 1854. When he was 14 years old his daddy died and he was forced to go to work as an office boy. At age 20, he became fascinated with photography, but decided the process was way to awkward. At the time the process required coating a glass plate with a liquid emulsion, which had to be quickly used before it dried. K.O. worked for years experimenting with British emulsions; he finally developed a dry photographic plate and patented  the process in both Britain and the United States. In 1880 he began his photographic business. K.O. and his mother came up with the name for his new venture using an anagram set. They had criteria in creating the name: it must be short, it could not be mispronounced and could not be associated with anything other than itself. Thus the name KODAK was born, and of course Mr. K.O. Dak is really George Eastman, the founder of that great company that launched photography into the mainstream of American life. “You press the button and we do the rest”…Kodak_ad_1888.GIFto be continued…(Images courtesy Wikipedia)


~ by leicaman on September 1, 2009.

One Response to “Meet Mr. K.O. Dak…”

  1. This is great Leicaman……lots of happy memories since the day we were introduced to Mr. K.O.Dak!

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