Confessions of a wild man…

IMG_5005The year 1972. The event, Spring Break. The location, Ft. Lauderdale Florida. So I was a junior  at S.M.U. majoring in Political Science and had all the aspirations of changing the world after I graduated from Law School. Did I ever have a change of heart! So what influenced my decision…it was like a spiritual awakening…I became absolutely overtaken with the love of photography. I had my first SLR and began taking pictures of everything. Daddy Bub of course had his studio going full blast and what an inspiration he was. (and still is) I think back now on the decision to pursue my true love of the image and cannot help but think where in the world I might be if I had chosen any other course. The ultimate consequence of my decision resulted in my meeting my beautiful wife. She actually worked for me when I opened my first camera store. The rest is history. She mothered our two precious boys, raised them to be perfect gentleman and always provided them with a loving home. She also calmed my ways, well a little bit anyway. This is really not a confession…I just thought it would make a great name for a post. (photo credit, Roy – still my best friend!)


~ by leicaman on August 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Confessions of a wild man…”

  1. This is so precious! You are still a crazy,sexy wildman!

  2. I love this picture!! You and Roy were indeed wild and crazy !

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