Say what you mean…

Sometimes things appear differently when they are really the same. Take a look at these two images, they are really the same…both images have four concentric circles. The bottom one has added mid- tones (gray) and white squares. It really confuses our perception – the circles are still however, concentric.5004circlesSame image, added mid-tones and white squares…5004circlesOur national health care debate has me very confused. Unlike the above images the two opposing sides are not alike at all! In trying to sort my position I relied heavily on the native Texas think tank, The Texas Public Policy Foundation. I believe their numbers are conservative. Presidents Obama’s reforms would exacerbate the fallacies of the current health care system,resulting in total national health care costs and health care inflation to increase. The result? Lower economic growth and the increase of the national deficit. Many of the reforms based on President Obama’s priorities are cost-ineffective with respect to expanding health care for all Americans, one of the primary goals of his plan! What we need is a simpler health care system. The extraordinary complexity of the current system drives the costs up and frustrates both patients and health care providers. Congress should implement a patient-centered approach to health care reform. This approach would allow the patient and doctor to make effective and economical health policy choices. Why not allow a tax deduction for those who are not covered by their employer and must individually purchase coverage? Why not allow interstate purchasing of insurance? Many states have policies that do not include so many bells and whistles and therefore, are less expensive. Why not let the consumer decide what benefits they need? Reform tort liability laws! Look how many doctors have moved to Texas because they can actually afford malpractice insurance. President Obama’s health care plan would harm the health care system, patient welfare and the national economy. The correct choice is to pursue a plan that emphasizes the patient-doctor relationship.


~ by leicaman on August 19, 2009.

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