1967, a very good year

Forty two years ago the most popular show on television was the Andy Griffith Show, closely followed by Bonanza and the Jackie Gleason Show. The big box office movies were The Dirty Dozen, You Only Live Twice and To Sir With Love. Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones and Penny Lane by the Beatles were very popular songs. The Green Bay Packers won the first ever Superbowl. Meanwhile, I was just a little sophomore in high school. But I did have one thing really going for me – Daddy Bub had purchased it new from Alamo Sports cars on Main in 1961. Moye drove it to Jefferson High School but she was now off at SMU. Russ and Wilson were both out of the house and Priscilla was not driving. It was all mine…1961 Austin Healey 3000. It was beautiful – black and red with little-bitty bucket seats in the back. Soft, convertible top, side curtains,(no roll up windows)and four speed transmission, with overdrive. It had a top speed of 112.9 mph (181.7 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 10.9 seconds. A fuel consumption of 23.5 miles per imperial gallon . I would take Priscilla to school every morning after picking up the Siebenaler brothers. The top was ALWAYS down…8141KR-1Daddy Bub sold it in 1969 for $1000. He was tired of paying for new transmissions! I went thru two in two years. How I would love to have it back…


~ by leicaman on August 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “1967, a very good year”

  1. OK Which would you rather have Leicaman? A new John Deere or an Austin Healey? I know…….BOTH!

  2. Boy, I loved that car! I would drive around (always with the top down) with about six of my Jefferson, TMI, or Alamo Heights buddies – Jinx always in front with me. I still dream about the Healey from time to time (really!) and wish I had it back – not you, Tom. I never knew the stats on it – but I do remember racing Bruce Embrey often enough – all the boys were quite impressed with my car …. can’t believe Daddy sold it for $1000 and bought all those VW’s!

  3. Ohhhh… love it. Sigh of envy up here on the coastland of Canada. My girlfriend had the 67 MGB, I had the Spitfire and the big guy had the TR6. Oh, we had fun.

    • Thanks for the comment…the Austin Healey was my first British sportscar…it wet my appetite…I later owned a “67 MGB and a “75 Triumph Spitfire 1500…oh yea we had fun…thanks again for checking out my blog

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