Thinking of you Rockport…

The smell of the ocean, the sea breeze in your face and the chilling taste of an adult beverage.That is the recipe for breaking the summer

Leicalady and I have always loved going to Rockport. As far back as when Christopher was just a baby – we would pack up the car, always including the dogs, and end up at some little motel on the bay. I am not sure why we love it so much. I think it is just such an escape – and always has been. We have so many fond memories. The wading pool for the boys, Goose Island, The Back Forty, our beach runs and of course ALL the birds.azul lunesLos Pelicanos are some of our favorites.IMG_2945Peyton and Noche, when she was just a puppy. (I AM NOT AN ARTIST)peyton 2 copyAnd of course the ever elusive Seagull.IMG_3195My favorite, “The Tropkcor Birds”.tropkcor birds


~ by leicaman on August 17, 2009.

One Response to “Thinking of you Rockport…”

  1. Rockport … so when are we going?! It’s been too long …

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