Chicago revisited…

I would love to say I am an artist but I AM NOT. In reviewing some previous Chicago photographs I rediscovered some visual memories of my first visit with Christopher in Chicago several years ago. His first “pad” was an absolute dive on Burlington – it was a very classy neighborhood but his little apartment left a lot to be desired. This was his front door.FRONT DOOR H20I remember his tiny bedroom. His kingsize bed probably occupied 90% of the space! But it was home sweet home to him. He made sure with much Texas memorabilia.shelf final copyThere was a funky little hot dog stand up the corner from his apartment. We never ate there but I bet “The Doggy Dinner” was awesome.DOGY DINERAround the corner and a short walk of about three blocks was the train station where he caught the “L” into downtown every morning.IMG_0399_2The Chicago architecture is always beautiful.CLOCK TOWER_1The river in Chicago was one of my favorite locals.DRAWBRIDGE_1And of course there is the Chicago Board of Trade where Christopher continues to work.BOT FINAL_2


~ by leicaman on August 17, 2009.

One Response to “Chicago revisited…”

  1. Yes you are an artist!!!!!!! And a millionaire, I mean a MILLIONAIRE!!!!

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