Rude Awakening…

Never a dull moment. We all welcomed Dana home last night after her visit with Christopher in Chicago. What better welcome than a great thunderstorm and almost an inch of rain! The power was knocked out so we went to bed fairly early. Every morning this is a sampling of the crowd that gathers to greet me as I leave for work…

Good morning

Good morning

This morning it was a totally different picture. As I walked outside, I heard the muffled sounds of goats moaning. Unfortunately, Bridgett  and Lucky were locked in the garage. They had a swell night chowing down on all the feed they could eat! I guess they were moaning because they had a stomach ache, anyway when I opened the door to the garage I quickly was overcome with the worst smell I have ever smelled! The cats, who normally sleep in the garage, were no where to be seen – I guess they could not take the smell either. It was a rude awakening. I will have fun tonight when I get home from work.






~ by leicaman on August 13, 2009.

One Response to “Rude Awakening…”

  1. It’s all pretty and clean with the fresh scent of febreze!

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