Go green…

j0316742I was very excited to read that the new Chevy Volt (due out late next year) is expected to achieve greater than  230 MPG…WOW! Maybe all  this “green” talk is not so crazy. While recently  in the Louisville, Birmingham and Chicago airports, Dana and I noticed, and were  most impressed with their  recycling efforts…separate trash bins for paper, plastic and trash.(San Antonio – trash only)  Maybe the key to ending this recession is for this nation to invest more in green economic activity.The Wind and Solar energy industries are finally making an impact. If more funds were invested, would it not mean that a greater proportion of funds would go toward labor and thus, would remain in the United States? If we as a nation fail to do this, then we will eventually lose our economic competitiveness in a carbon-constrained world. (not to mention our moral leadership) One “think tank” recently concluded that $100 billion invested in renewable energy could create close to 2 million jobs – what a return!! I believe we must see the light at the end of the tunnel – there is an unprecedented opportunity to jump start the economy and create jobs through the investment in renewable energy. I am quickly getting on board this “green philosophy” and whole heartily support  the necessary changes in public policy that would enable our great country to flourish in the new “green” world.


~ by leicaman on August 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Go green…”

  1. Boy do we think alike, you are just so much smarter!

  2. I recently heard that Nissan will be releasing their electric car – very good milage. Problem is, the name of their car: I’m not sure I want to drive around in a “Leaf”!! I just thought that was funny!

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