Lollapalooza – South Texas Style

It has been a difficult ten days. After saying good-bye to Leicalady and Christopher in Chicago Saturday night I returned to the Rockin’P at about one Sunday morning – I crashed. On the flight home by myself I resolved that I would do my best to get back into a normal routine. Sunday morning I knew that Dana and Christopher were enjoying Lollapalooza and listening to the likes of Ra Ra Riot, The Airborne Toxic Event, Delta Spirit, The Killers, Passion Pit and Band of Horses. So what the heck, I decided to mozy into San Antonio and catch the afternoon practice of the Dallas Cowboys training camp. I got sidetracked….IMG_6919I ended up parking on Durango Street right around the corner from The Alamo and Riverwalk, so I decided to take a little stroll. As I approached Hemisfair Park I quickly realized something very hot was going on.

Salsafest '09

Salsafest '09

Sponsored by local radio stations, this event was a “cook-off” between several of the local restaurants for the best hot sauce. Each restaurant had a booth for sampling and everybody that bought a ticket had a vote. I thought, what the heck for $10 it was hardly a gamble and WOW, KC & The Sunshine Band was playing! (Lollapalooza tickets were $80)

Lollapalooza eat your heart out!!!

Lollapalooza eat your heart out!!!

As soon as I walked into the open-aired event at hemisfair park I knew I was in for something very special. It was a very typical South Texas crowd…everybody seemed to be in good spirits and best of all it was a family event.(However, beer and Margaritas were definitely wetting the thirst of the crowd on a VERY hot afternoon)IMG_6924IMG_6950IMG_6949And of course no party in South Texas is not complete without…IMG_6929There are many different styles of eating salsa, but in South Texas it is definitely with chips! I do believe everybody was enjoying their own style…IMG_7065funny…it has to smell good…IMG_6994I like my Salsa HOT, but she does notIMG_7269The band began setting-up and I could not help but see this CHARACTER precariously adjusting the stage lights, how dedicated he must be to his work. He was at least 60 feet off the ground…IMG_6928The band cranked up the sound and it sounded awesome!IMG_7033IMG_7032IMG_7097Everybody continued with their salsa sampling…IMG_7116IMG_7130IMG_7134As the afternoon wore on, the competition really heated up as some of the participants resorted to sending a band of encouragement out into the crowd…IMG_6962they were most encouraging…IMG_6990After about two hours I was salsaed out! I do not know who won, but I do know hands down, Leicalady would have declared the winner…IMG_6973On the way home, I saw this vulture flying, I think he had a full stomach as there was road kill everywhere…as I snapped this picture and looked to the heavens I could not help but think about Russ…IMG_6912


~ by leicaman on August 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lollapalooza – South Texas Style”

  1. Could NOT wait to log on here in the Sheraton to see your AWESOME BLOG!!!!!! I love having blogs together Leicaman!!!!
    Fotos tambien estan muy increible! Quizas tu tiene la talente en su sangre como su hijo major, Cristobal

  2. Good morning, Leicaman
    I miss you! Tuesday morning 6:30, 8/11/09

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