Cash for clunkers…

500-TL-aWay back in the summer of 1972 Daddy Bub gave me my first SLR. He purchased it mailorder from Cambridge Camera. By today’s standards it was a clunker! However, in it’s day, I thought it was the ultimate camera.Fully mechanical, they came with a wide variety of interchangeable lenses (all designated as “Auto Mamiya/Sekor”). The lens mount was the same 42mm threaded mount developed for the Praktica and popularized by Pentax. The TL-series was the first Mamiya 35mm with CdS through-the-lens (TTL) metering. It was powered by one MS-76 or equivalent 1.5v battery, and provided a spot meter that measured approximately 10% of the viewfinder area. The  Mamiya 500- and 1000-DTL were the only cameras of their day to offer these dual metering patterns! This metering feature, which would eventually become an important marketing feature for all cameras, did not become generally available on SLR’s from other manufacturers for several years after the introduction of the Mamiya 500- and 1000-DTL! An extremely sturdy camera, both the TL- and the DTL-series are still widely available today. They are often sold as “a completely mechanical camera, great for students” at reasonable prices. Although they now often require repair to the light meter, if the lenses are clean it is an extremely worthwhile investment to buy and fix for everyday shooting, even without the meter.  My “Mamiya” went with me everywhere in college. Rarely did I shoot anything other than Black & White film. It was this camera that launched my love for photography. I am going to look (good luck) for some photographs that I took with this camera…that will be fun.

~ by leicaman on July 31, 2009.

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  1. You have the Parish gift! I received a little by osmosis….just sayin’

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